Operational Consulting

1. Manufacturing Audits

Our Manufacturing Audits offer a great degree of flexibility and can be customized to fit your specific requirements:

  • Factory profile, company financial evaluation.
  • Audit of suppliers’ evaluations and sourcing process.
  • Audit of working conditions: social and safety conditions for workers.
  • Audit of safety policy: Fire prevention, evacuation plan, chemical hazard, safety in workshops.
  • Audit of workers qualifications: Training process, certifications for the work assigned.
  • Audit of facilities: Warehouses for supplies and end products, testing and QA facilities.
  • Audit of workshops: Evaluate if the factory has the machines, tools and facilities required to produce the product ordered.
  • Audit of standards and processes: Verification of the standards and processes followed by the factory, such as ISO9001, ISO3834, LRQA ISO/TS 16949, PPAP, APQP.
  • Quality control of the product during the manufacturing process according to the standards and requirements defined by the customer.

Specialties: Heavy Machinery, Metal structures, Welding, Mechanics and Painting.

2. Process Improvement and Reengineering

Business process improvement for manufacturing and service industries:

  • Six Sigma and lean
  • ISO Standards
  • Change Management

3. Company Training

Onsite training for manufacturing companies:

  • Welding techniques
  • Painting techniques
  • Project Supervision
  • Project Management

4. Project Supervision

Onsite project supervision for manufacturing projects.